Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 15 Year Anniversary Dejanae Events!

Today, I celebrate my 15th year in business and I feel beyond blessed and excited!  In the past I have written about how the business started, about my challenges and successes, but today I want to share some fun facts about the person who created Dejanae Events on April 24, 2000...ME :)

My must have on wedding day? Cell phone.  Sad part is that about 1-hour into wedding day, I sit my cell down somewhere with my binder and forget where I left it!  LOL!  That's when complete panic sets in (see the question below).  But one of my trusty coordinator's (Priscilla, Nikki, Vanessa, Holly, Kelly, Angie P., Angie J., Didi or Peggy) always finds it for me.  Thank you DE Team!!!

What is my sign? Gemini.  I'm a true Gemini, too.  On wedding (or event) day, I start off all excited and ready to implement the plans I've worked on for months, but soon as something goes wrong or off schedule, I change into my Lieutenant hat and get right down to business.  That's the 2nd personality in me and she's the real Desireé!

What is my obsession? Gourmet cupcakes.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good cupcake!!!  Actually, to be truthful...I'm also obsessed with delicious wedding cake as well.  And buttercream frosting is my favorite!  Yummy!!!

What is my must have beverage/addiction? Coke.  Sad, but so true...I have been drinking Coke since I was a young kid.  My grandma got me hooked and now, I'm a total caffeine-holic and must have Coke at least once a day.  I know...don't judge me :)

What is my favorite scary movie? Halloween 1 and 2.  Baby, Michael Myers was the truth back in the day!  I live for October when AMC and other channels run the Halloween marathons!  I watch them all like I've never seen them before.

What is my favorite place to vacation? Disney World!  Yep, I'm a true kid at heart and probably love Disney World more than kids!  Well I haven't been on a real vacation in what seems like years, but I have promised myself and family that we are outta here in December! 

What is on my playlist? Faith Evans.  Who remembers her and her debut album with 15 tracks!?!  I can listen to her soulful voice over and over again.  Doesn't matter to me that the album come out in the 90's.

What is my most prized possession? My Boops.  My most prized possession is my daughter...Deja.  Many of you may not know, but she is my only child...a full-fledge teenager now...and the business name.  I hope one day she'll appreciate what I have built for her and take it even further than I could ever imagine!

What all that said THANKS to everyone that has supported me throughout all these years!  I honestly cannot believe it's been 15 years, but I'm more than thankful to be doing what I love!  My heart is so full and 2015 will be EPIC!  Just wait and see!

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo credit - BM Photography)

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  1. I'm JUST now getting a chance to read! Awesome! Congrats!!!



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