Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reception Alternatives To Fit The Budget

Saturday evenings are usually the first to go when couples are selecting their wedding date and plated dinners are the standard among meal service  But know that both of those options are the most expensive when budgeting out your reception.  Below are some reception "meal" alternatives when hosting that sit-down dinner just does not work with your wallet.

Brunch/Breakfast Alternative - Regardless if you serve buffet-style or plated, this meal will always be less expensive because of the time of day and the amount of food that needs to be prepared.

Lunch Alternative- Like breakfast, the time of day decreases the cost.  Plus the portions are smaller which will certainly drive the cost per plate down a notch.

Tea Service - Mostly seen at a bridal shower, this meal service option works best in the late afternoon and requires much less food.  Your guests will dine on small sandwiches, finger foods and savory teas.
Champagne + Dessert Only Alternative - A fun way to celebrate after your "I Do's" with tasty treats, wedding cake, cheeses, fruits and delicious champagne.  Hosting this style reception is wonderful for the afternoon and will allow your guests to have the evening free to have dinner where they chose.

Regardless of the meal service you select for your wedding guests, you do not have to eliminate any of the fun activities, photo opts or traditions from your reception.  Have fun with it and serve the meal that works best with your budget!

Until next time...WEDologize!

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