Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go Green! Go!

First, let me say Happy St. Patrick's Day to our Irish followers and friends! Inspired by today's holiday, I think I'll address the green wedding celebration and list some useful tips should you decide to go "GREEN" for your wedding day!

Below are a few really simple tips that have been labeled green, but truly should be considered by all couples:
  • Limit the amount of driving for your wedding guests
  • Donate the left over food and wedding cake to local charities, churches or shelters
  • Do not register for gifts you do not need, but consider asking your guests to give to your favorite charity on behalf of the wedding. The same idea could be done for wedding favors, too.
  • Select flowers that are in-season and grown locally and at the end of the reception, donate the florals to a senior home, hospital or send them home with your wedding guests
  • Instead of using large, all-floral centerpieces, consider adding candles, twisted branches, smooth stones and recycled vessels to accent your centerpieces
  • For your invitations, use 100% recycled stock and environmentally-friendly ink for printing
I hope some of these ideas help you with having a "Green" wedding. For more information on Green weddings, check out the following publications:
Until next time...WEDologize!

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