Monday, October 4, 2010

Gone, But NEVER Forgotten

Many couples will celebrate there wedding day with an important family member not present due to illness or death. The "Memorial Candle" is a customary way to give them honor without taking from the celebration of the service. It usually happens during the ceremony, but I just recently had a memorial candle lit and a moment of silence when the couple were announced into the reception. Regardless where you place the tribute, just make sure it's during an appropriate time so that the guests aren't uncomfortable.

I've selected some creative ways for the bride and groom to pay homage to those family members that have made them the individuals they are today...and the couple they will become:
The traditional Memorial Candle and/or vase with flower are engraved with the names of those you are remembering.

Having the names of those you are remembering is such a beautiful gesture and can be read by the minister during the ceremony or by the Master of Ceremonies during the reception.

Placing a bouquet on the chair or pew in honor of that family member or consider having it brought down the aisle with a framed photo and placed in a seat or at the altar.
Create a display of photographs of those family members that could not or were unable to attend your wedding day events.

Consider purchasing tiny frames that can be attached to the brides bouquet showcasing those family members dear to your heart.

Until next time...WEDologize!

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