Monday, November 2, 2009

Five Ways to "WOW" Your Guests

Over the planning years, I've learned one thing...guests want to be entertained when attending a wedding reception. They want to see something new...something they haven't seen at the last wedding they attended. It's now about creating those signature elements...creating the "WOW Factor". Below are a few suggestions - inexpensive suggestions - to Wedologize your wedding reception:
  1. Change your gown and make another entrance. Ladies, change from the princess-look of the ceremony into something sexy and easy to dance in at your reception. It always puts a smile on the groom's face.
  2. Plan out your first dance. I once had a couple that choreographed their entire routine to Michael Jackson and the guests loved it...and I think they had fun as well.
  3. Create a slide show. This is a great opportunity to create a buzz and laughter during the cocktail hour or while guests eat dinner during the reception.
  4. Add an element of specialty lighting. Pink and amber tones (according to The Knot) can soften the reception space and add real elegance.
  5. Bring a show. Adding a comedian, impersonator or dancers can only enhance the celebration with a lot of laughter and smiling faces.

Until later...plan the best wedding celebration without breaking the bank.

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